depuis 1999
depuis 1999

Wine lovers living outside France

Sourcing old dessert wines or old vintages ?
DREAMWINE, located near Bordeaux since 1999, specializes in these oldies dating back over a century. Specialist in old Sauternes and dessert wines of the world. Big bottles as well.




You can order by email and we will get back to you very soon with all the details.

We can ship to USA (in most States) and Europe, Canada, Japan, China, HK, Australia, NZ...

Brasil, Russia and other countries please inquire. 


Shipping costs depend on quantity and final delivery address.


The price of goods can be paid by bank transfer or else by credit card (Visa or Master Card only) with Paypal. If you choose Paypal, we send you a secure link to pay on the website 


Our prices are in EURO exclusive shipping costs.


Unless specified, only 1 (bottle, magnum, case ...) per item.


Our collection of old vintage wines are lovingly stocked in our air-conditioned cellar.

We always describe to our customers wines stemming from our catalog precisely, in an objective way. Pictures available for all the bottles.


Feel free to drop us a line for any inquiry. Reply to your email guaranteed within 48 hours.


Touring in the vineyards


You wish to visit some wineries around Bordeaux ? 

We can organize the visits in english and all the appointments for you at your convenience.






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